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Debbie Spellman

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Creating Your Morning Routine & Evening Ritual

In this mini-masterclass you will develop a new way to begin and end your day that serves your own wellbeing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Module 1: Visualisation - Your Ideal Morning

Module 2: Your New Morning Routine

Module 3: Your New Evening Ritual

Module 4: Reflection - To Ensure You Create Change

Including: Morning Routine Ideas & Evening Ritual Ideas

BONUS: Deep Breathing Meditation

This is a powerful deep breathing meditation to reduce stress and anxiety, bring oxygen to your cells and activate your parasympathetic nervous system (which is our rest and digest) in order to switch off and sleep better. Incorporate this into your evening routine. This is something you can do when you lie in bed just before I go to sleep.

{this popular mini-masterclass has been taken from my signature program, Finding Your Worth From Within}

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